Two Terror Attacks in Zurich And Berlin

A man driving a truck barrelled into the Christmas market in Berlin on Monday, January 19. He killed 12 and injuring about 50 people. On the same day a man had entered the Islamic center in the Zurich and opened fire on the people there, leaving three wounded men. Swiss police found a dead body near the Islamic Center, but it’s not clear if there were a link between the both crimes. Police sources and the media have suggested that the first accident is a terror attack, while the media describes the second attack as a shooting incident.

The crimes against shelters for asylum seekers in Germany reached 1031 crimes during 2015, according to Amnesty International’s report. All of these crimes were not tagged as terror attacks, and many of them were not even tagged as hate crimes. In contrast, similar crimes the ax-attack Wurzburg had been referred to as a terror act even before it was claimed by the ISIS; taking in consideration that when ISIS claims an attack does not mean that they actually did it. But ISIS takes advantage of this act to terrify people more, especially that the media follows this propaganda and reinforced it. So what are the criteria to be used to determine the terror acts?

Dyess and Abilene Regional airport firefighters team up to extinguish an aircraft fire during a joint training exercise here Nov 5.

Dyess and Abilene Regional airport firefighters team up to extinguish an aircraft fire during a joint training exercise here Nov 5.

It seems according to the above context that every criminal act carried out by Muslims against the public is necessarily an act of terrorism. It attracts also more media reaction if the victims are Westerns or Christians (for example the terror attack against Macarios church in Cairo). This observation does not apply only to the Western media, but these acts consumes a large portion of the coverage in Arab media which represents regimes which support the Islamic extremist stream. This behaviour by Arab media can be explained only as hypocrisy of the west.

This way of reasoning leads to saying that every Muslim is a potential terrorist. But, recalling the modern European history, we may note that the same logic made all northern Catholic Irish as potential terrorists. This flash might reveal something about the characteristics of the logic that evaluate the nature of the attacks against the public. It is not driven by law and morality, but  by trends with a political background which is backed in turn by fear and intimidation, and which supported by scandalous and irresponsible media. In this case, all hate crime or terror acts which are to be committed by a Western citizen against others may be referred to as a behavioral disorder. While Muslims who commit the same acts cannot have a behavioural disorder, they are definitely terrorists, especially when ISIS claims the crime even if it don’t have anything to to with the act.

In all hate crimes and terrorist acts there are actors, the behavioral disorder may be the main reason for committing the crime. There are also victims, they mostly share one thing: They all are unlucky to be found at the time and in the place of the crime. More importantly, there are beneficiaries. They share the benefits and play with the effects of the crime. The terror acts committed by Muslims turn into additional votes in elections in favor of the far right in the West, and support their project in turning inward. While the terror acts against Muslims, in the West and in their homelands, and the systematic condoned for those crimes turn into more youths to be recruited into the terrorist organizations.

Unfortunately, these crimes occurred at a time when sympathy returned somehow in the western society towards the victims of terrorism of another kind, which is not internationally recognised: Assad, Iran, Russia terrorism. They happened at the acme of the pain, at the moment that some Syrians began to look for a way to restore their revolution, at the moment that the European stand with the Syrian side by side against the war crimes and terrorism perpetrated against the residents of Aleppo.

The more hatred, the more polarization and the more gains for every extremists of all kinds. We are the victims, everywhere from Zurich, Berlin, Paris, Karak and Cairo to Mosul, Homs and Aleppo.

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    Dear Hussein Gehr, I am a Spanish jounalist and I am carrying out a research on the Syrian opposition and focusing on Riad al-Turk. I am looking for Syrians, activists, journalists… to answer me some questions for my feature. I would thank you if you could answer to the questions. I opened a questionary online to make it easier. Here I leave the link: Thank you in advance, Marta

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