To Live Again

At this moment, I’m writing for the first time in my blog after an absence of more than four years because I was detained by al-Assad regime. I feel my fingers trembled on the keyboard and buck to express my feelings and my thoughts. Thanks to my friend Firas al-Hayek, who allowed me to come back to blogging, not from scratch. I feel I’m back to life again, blogging is life for me. It’s a very personal and very public space, where I’m fully free, and I’m sticking to my freedom to the extreme.


By David Deiss: Stransbourg- France

I began blogging in July 2007 immediately after the renewal of the murderer Bashar al-Assad for a new term. It was a foregone result, of course, but I choked in those days. Every Syrian must do something. Syria must not be a farm for the Assad family anymore. I chose blogging as an entrance to find my way to act. I began blogging under a pseudonym the “Free Man”. The first of my articles was about the renewal of the pledge of allegiance to the murderer. Although the problem was with the Assad regime, but I focused on my writing on criticizing the opposition, because there were no hope in the regime, but in the work to get rid of tyranny. That was not correct, of course, because it kept me away from understanding the structure and dynamics of the regime. I dreamt and talked about change. From my point of view, the change was a historical inevitability, but the trends are not inevitable nor intuitive, it is to be determined by the will of humans. However, I was apprehensive of the game of the regime in encouraging the religious grouping to keep the Syrians away from the political grouping.

It was the winds of change which came with the revolution of Tunisia and then Egypt revolution. The dream pushed me to participate and make some assistance to Egyptians in the early days of the revolution, when Al-Jazeera was waiting for the political decision of the Emir of Qatar. I feel that it was the best thing I did on my blog so far, and I am still proud of it; I worked for more than thirty hours continuously to publish field news to  the Egyptians. Finally, the moment has arrived in Syria, a moment I dreamt of a lot; and I discovered that most Syrians were dreaming about it, too. I believed in the revolution, and its ability to radical change. I was looking forward to the triumph of the revolution to transform Syrians from subjets to citizens. Despite of I’m optimistic, i did not have the delusion of the inevitable victory, because the citizenship is an act of building not a historical inevitability. This is what we have failed to build so. I hope and work until we get this building, which will be a gift from Syria to the whole world, even after decades!

Blogging was an obsession for me, and still. I am convinced that blogging is a base of freedom of expression, and freedom of expression is a base of citizenship and of a project that all Syrians deserve as human beings. For this I worked as a mentor at the Ara2 Academy, a project run by BBC Media Action. Because of this work I was arrested the first time, where the two main charges were: Training activists on Citizen Journalism techniques, and writing against corruption! But, however, it’s not enough that expressing is free, but it also must be heard. I began to think about this project since I was in Adra prison, and now I’m working on ripening it.

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2 Responses

  1. hetty says:

    Wonderful that you picked up blogging again. I can not even get close of the feeling how it must have been for you after four years of absence. I can only imagine…
    It is a great achievement that you are back and I admire your courage. I lived for more than 30 years on a very small Greek island, our beautiful Aegean Sea has now turned into a grave yard. There are many things that I would like to discuss with you ,hopefully you will have some time so I can introduce myself to you on Sunday at the office of Amnesty in Amsterdam. Keep blogging away!
    See you soon, kind regard
    Hetty Vermolen-Gambieraki

    • حسين غرير says:

      Thank you for the encouraging words dear Hetty. I’m looking forward to meeting you in Amesterdam and hear about you experience.
      Have a good time till then and ever

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