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Detainees Diaries- Sednaya Prison 3

Our greatest terror is the morning patrol: Patients’ destiny is death. Time: 6 A.M. | The morning patrol. ((We take a short breathe awaiting for the guards with a nurse or a doctor to come in. That means that we are on another date with a hell while the dormitory door...

detainees diaries 2

Detainees Diaries- Sednaya Prison 2

“Who has a carrion today?” The guard opens the door of the wing and yells. You’ve been introduced to how the detainees wake up in the morning before even before the bird does! Let’s continue our tour with them now to know more about their daily life. ((The sound...

يوميات المعتقلين١

Detainees Diaries- Sednaya Prison 1

Time: Early in the morning, before the bird wakes (according to the instructions of the Sednaya Prison) At the time while most of us are asleep, the detainees of Sednaya have already woken up, even before birds do. Those are the orders in that prison. Let’s...