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Prisons, Freedom and Homeland

I was asked several times after I came out of the prison, especially after my arrival in Turkey “Do you feel in freedom now?”. My answer was that I feel safe from the treachery of the regiem, but I am very far from the sense...

الثورة مستمرة

Syrian Revolution is Risen..Truly is Risen

It’s midnight, but the images coming from Syria do not leave my head, but in vain, I tried to resist. It is the Syrian Revolution is rising out from the ashes. The revolution has risen, it really has. I used to take part in demonstrations...

حسين غرير

To Live Again

At this moment, I’m writing for the first time in my blog after an absence of more than four years because I was detained by al-Assad regime. I feel my fingers trembled on the keyboard and buck to express my feelings and my thoughts. Thanks to...