Syrian Revolution is Risen..Truly is Risen

It’s midnight, but the images coming from Syria do not leave my head, but in vain, I tried to resist. It is the Syrian Revolution is rising out from the ashes. The revolution has risen, it really has. I used to take part in demonstrations and writing about the revolution, but today ..! Most likely, the Russians will resume the bombing the Syrians, Americans will continue to claim to be hesitate, and the Europeans will continue to be powerless. But the Syrians sent their message, which no one could hear her before, or did not want to hear: Syrian Revolution continues. The Syrians blood’s curse will chase you all, not figuratively, but realistic.

The Revolution Continues

Aleppo, 4-Mar-2016: We Still Seek Freedom

We do not know why the Russians and Americans agreed a temporary truce in Syria, we do not know why the are pushing for negotiations between the Assad regime and the revolution. There are a lot of analysis on these issues; but certainly for us, that they both did not seek a sustainable political solution in Syria, they do not care about the human atrocities of Syrians, and they both wanted to get a military or political gains. Syrians took advantage of the cease-fire (which was breached by the regime dozens of times) and went out in demonstrations in all the liberated areas of Syria. They were creative in taking advantage of the relative calm and overturned the tables on everyone, and brought them back to the basis of the revolution: freedom and peace by dropping the criminal Assad regime. Everyone tried to circumvent it by claiming that the case is the issue of terrorism, so the revolution slapped their faces.

Since I was in prison and after, did not I stop talking about the spirit of the Syrian revolution that will not die. And that it is waiting the right moment to express itself. I claim that I understand the Syrians and the Syrian revolution well, I was lucky that I was arrested! I had the honor to meet with hundreds of detainees who had their eyes shine when talking about the revolution, and the future of Syria. They were waiting to be released to return to the revolution. We were actually having our revolution in detention. I understand that who has knew freedom in the demonstrations, or in the liberated areas, can not return to slavery again. I understand that the revolution is not just a demonstration, nor is a struggle for gains here and there, it’s a matter of “be”, either us or the Assadism, there are no other options, because the Assadism announced: Assad or we burn the country. That it burnt the country, but we determined not to keep it; we have nothing left to loose, why shall we stop?

Revolution Continue

Foud Hallak FB page: Eng. Mulham Ogaidi, a leader in FSA laid down his arm and went out protesting with his colleagues

I met in detention with many of the rebels who took up arms. They did not talk too much about their memories of the time-with-arms, but mostly it was exciting talking and bragging in the days of peaceful demonstrations. Revolution and resistance against injustice is original right of human beings. Using weapon is a utility, not a goal, it is a mean for most of those who took up arms when all doors were closed. I smiled when I saw one of the Free Syrian Army commanders in one of the pictures of demonstrations today, he has laid down his arms, went out and sang with the protesters and chanted for freedom. This happened simply when the fire is stopped relatively speaking; there is no need for a weapon when the Syrian regime and its allies stop killing Syrians. Certainly, not everyone will cast the weapon in case of agreement on a solution, but a solution that starts by stopping the killing of Syrians and the release of detainees is half the way.

A few days ago, a fifties German man asked me about Syria. He was open and aske for the purpose of knowledge, unlike those who ask to throw, finally, a set of stereotypes about the Syrian revolution, terrorism and Muslims. He told me that the media says what it wants us to believe, and asked me about the alternative in Syria. I told him about the seeds of civil administration in the liberated areas, and the emerging democratic experiments in more than one area. I asked him: How do you think people live in those areas under bombardment and explosive barrels? How canthey provide basic services and manages the schools? I told him how proud I am of Syrians and this revolution, because what the Syrians are doing now is a miracle, and you can imagine what would they do if the bombing stopped. Today I can show him what they can do!

Revolution Continues

jobar-Damascus suburbs, 4-Mar-2016

The question for an alternative to the Assad regime, said it was in good intent, it embraces supremacism and prejudgement questioning the ability of the Syrians to produce the governce system that suits them. It is also not a moral course. It is, in terms of the result, at least, accept the continring killing of Syrians to the lack of an alternative. The question of the alternative also, might be an expression of the lack of will to bear moral and political responsibility for the Syrian tragedy caused by Assad regime. But if it was mischievously, as most politicians and a lot of journalists do, so the aim of it  is continuing conflict under the pretext of the absence of an alternative. Bashar al-Assad put the question on journalists repeatedly: What’s our benefits of shelling hospitals and schools? The Syrian regime has recognized this fact since the early days of the revolution, it arrested civil activists in the Revolution until the middle of 2012. When the revolution militated, the regime’s main concern was not to allow any civilian maturation might form a potential alternative before the international community. It goes without saying that any alternative civilian administration may mature to turn into a real political alternative, starts by securing health and education services, and civil affairs for the population.

This revolution does not look like anything, it’s a saga, it is the historical embodiment of the myth of the phoenix, who returned from the ashes. We do not know what the upcoming days hide. It could be, and probably will be, worse than what we have seen so far. But what we have learned today is that the revolution will continue. It may not be able to achieve its objectives, but what I am certain of is that the victory is of the interest of whole world, but rather a gift for it; as it was the French Revolution more than two centuries before. And nobody would survive of the persistent destruction of Syria. So, everyone MUST do something for his/her future!

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