My Birthday

The Revolution ContinuesOn this day he was born biologically. Many of my friends sent me congratulatory messages. I was pleased with them, especially that it is my first Birthday after four times passed while I was detained. But indeed, I do not feel that today is the day I was born. I was actually born five years ago, on the fifteenth of March 2011. On that day, I just felt like a living human being. I was born and I was carrying several health crises, so that I’m still in the incubator wanting the life which was not wanted by who  was taking advantage of me as a living corpse.

They tried to rape me my life, and tried to negative my will, but every time, fortunately and because of the will, I came back again. Twice when I came out of detention, and once when I transferred from an Airforces prison in al-Tahrir Square to the civil prison of Adra. The most recent one was when the demonstrations back again calling for full flawless freedom again. Freedom for Syria, freedom for Syrians, freedom for detainees and besieged.

I’m still in the incubator I do not know when I would get out of, it does not seem very soon, but what keeps me unconcerned that I still want to go out.

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