In The Beginning

Always, in the beginning, it was the word .. and always, in the beginning was action
Hope is acting, and acting is hope. Hope is in thought, and thought is in the word , or perhaps by the word “Kalima”.
Here there are my word and some of the my action, and in other places there are my action and some of my word.
Here in this blog there’s some of me.
Some of me is IT Engineer working mainly in information systems analyzing.
Some of me is a husband and a father of two kids.

I do not write in English in order to promote the Syrian case, you are not able to do anything to us anyway. I write to you to do something together for all of us, before it is too late. I write to you to continue with you the revolution we’ve started five years ago in Syria. Syrian Revolution have revealed that the whole world needs a revolution on the “privileged” people in the whole world, who have a monopoly on politics and keeping us away from it by killing, as does the Syrian regime, or by intimidation from an unknown enemy, as many politicians of the West do. If there’s a lesson to be learned from the Syrian revolution is that people are able to challenge and steadfastness in the face of the worst killing machines and destruction; and that no peace without justice. Syrians did not perish, and still insisting on life five years after the terrorim practiced by al-Assad, Russia and Iran; and will rise from the ashes and will not perish. But, are you capable of facing fear and apathy planted in your hearts by the “privileged” in your country? This conflict will not affect only the Syrians and regional countries, but will affect the whole world. Effects are not limited to the false refugee crisis, but there are deeper and further than that. There’s no escape from taking action and working together to create a world which we all deserve as human beings.