Dear Mr. Staffan De Mistura,

At the beginning, I want to congratulate the United Nations, through you, and to congratulate all human beings, especially human rights defenders, for the sentence passed on Thursday against the war criminal Radovan Karadzic. The criminals end in courts. We, the Syrians who struggle for freedom, justice and sustainable peace, have taken upon ourselves the issue of war criminals accountability in Syria starting with Bashar al-Assad, even after years. On this occasion, we support and call upon the United Nations organizations to be more assertive with the Assad regime, particularly with regard to humanitarian issues, especially the release of detainees and forcibly disappeared, lifting the siege on Syrian cities and towns and stop the deliberate and systematic shelling on civilians and civil and medical facilities.
Your statement about the issue of detainees at the conclusion of the latest round of negotiations between the representatives of the Syrian revolution and the representatives of the Syrian regime, has drawn the attention of many Syrians. Having the detainees case on top of your priorities in the next round of negotiations gives an important indicators on your seriousness  to find a lasting and sustainable solution to the war waged by the Assad regime against the Syrians, and to the resulting other problems, especially the terrorism. The extreme importance of this case is based on humanitarian and pragmatic reasons.
Arresting and disappearing of tens of thousands of Syrians by the Syrian regime for five years, the daily physical and psychological torture and the killing of thousands of them under torture is an atrocity which can not be accepted by any human being. It is also an insult to all human rights defenders. The insult was multiplied with the publication of pictures of Caesar two years ago, without consequences on the Assad regime, and without referring the case to the International Criminal Court, which allows it to trivialize the lives of Syrians and the international humanitarian laws. The international reaction to the Assad regime’s crimes, especially crimes against detainees sends a message to all criminals and terrorists around the world that having  appropriate interests network protect them from the consequences of the crimes they commit to achieve their ambitions at the expense of the human.
The Assad regime is isolated for the Syrians and is outside of them. It depends on the interests networks and the direct violence to impose his vision and his will even on its supporters. The representatives of the revolution in the Geneva negotiations, unlike the regime, are from inside the revolution, need to be guided and respect the needs and final demands Syrians. This demands that the Syrians revolted for against the regime and toppled the regime, at least morally and politically. They proved in their demonstrations, during the reduction bombardment, that they are committed to these demands and objectives, and that any other project would fall.
So that, the High Negotiations Committee is not authorized to waive the demands of the revolution, especially the release of detainees, and there is a belief that the negotiating team does not wants to waive. However, any attempt to escape from this case by the regime and any tolerating with it would fail  the Geneva negotiations from the point of view of the revolutionary Syrians. There will be no value for any commitments can be made by any party, and will not be implemented in any mean. That would be an additional benefit to anyone who wants to fight to the last Syrian, specifically the Assad regime and terrorists. In contrast, the release of more than 150 thousand detainees would positively effects hundreds of thousands of their families, relatives, friends and neighbors, and would be a factual indicator for them on the serious efforts to bring about sustainable peace in Syria, and forestalls whom their interests contradict with this peace.

Delivered on 25 March

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