Detainees Diaries- Sednaya Prison 2

detainees diaries 2“Who has a carrion today?” The guard opens the door of the wing and yells.

You’ve been introduced to how the detainees wake up in the morning before even before the bird does! Let’s continue our tour with them now to know more about their daily life.

((The sound of the wing’s door wing opening: horror overwhelms our faces. We scramble to the “Kneeling” position with our faces toward the wall and our hands blindfolding our eyes. “Who has a carrion today?” the guard yells at the door. We hear voices from the neighboring dormitories “I am sir, five (dormitory No.5)”. It’s our turn now, “I’m sir, 7 “The person in charge shouts.

“Hey you, how many?” the guard responses. The person in charge answers “One sir!” Then the guard calculates the final number of carrions and leave))
Followed with us the rest of the details of the Sednayan be more closer to them

Source in Arabic: Detainees Voice

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