Detainees Diaries- Sednaya Prison 1

Detainees Diaries 1Time: Early in the morning, before the bird wakes (according to the instructions of the Sednaya Prison)
At the time while most of us are asleep, the detainees of Sednaya have already woken up, even before birds do. Those are the orders in that prison. Let’s move there to try to live how they spend the very first moments of mornings.

((A fast silent movement in the dormitory to awaken who’s still asleep, folding the tattered blankets and putting them at the corner of the dormitory. The prisoner in charge of the dormitory asks us to sit down on everybody’s own tile motionless. Then asks the young prisoners to put the body of our friend, who was martyred yesterday evening, on a blanket near the dormitory door. We urges ourselves for a quick farewell and a kiss. We read al-Fatiha, secretly, to him. No time for our sorrow that filled our hearts. Some of us envy his release, the end of his pain and his torment and the hunger that worn him down. We carry him near the door of the dormitory where he will be released against their will.))

Follow us for the rest of the Sednayan day to be closer to them.

Source in Arabic: Detainees Voice Page

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  1. Thank you Hussien for sharing. and we wants to invite you and your friends to complete the day with our detainees in saydnaya prison here (En):

    #SaveTheRest (3) – #Saydnaya_Prison:

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