Mr De Mistura..Stand Out For The Syrian Revolution

Our demonstrations against the Assad regime was not a show, and it was not a part of a show play, which might make you laugh or cry, when we challenged the regime’s bullets without arms, and we were not trying to do a Hollywood show to attract audiences from all around the world, when we were forced to take up arms against the unmerciful killing machine. Also, the Assad regime and its allies are not doing a military show when they use chemical weapons, warplanes and explosive barrels.

What the United Nations does is a humaniterian show. Mr. de Mistura, you have said that there has been serious progress in the humanitarian situation in Syria, and you spoke specifically about the success of accessing Daria by UN. Is making jokes part of your mission to break the ice the negotiators (the Americans and the Russians)? The United Nations has entered an area which is beseiged for over a thousand days without a pack of milk for a children.

You, Mr. de Mistura, also bragged that UN delivered humanitarian aid to al-Rastan which is also besieged. Dear, the reports which you have say that al-Assad regime prevents all types of medical aid to be delivered these convoys. It was mainly loaded with blankets and kitchen stuff (you can ask Mr. Firas Al Khatib at the High Commission for Refugees). You must be joking when you did boast these convoys! Dear It’s the summer season, the only need for blankets is to wrap the dead bodies, like what happens every day in the detention custodies of al-Assad. Kitchenware might be need by the besieged to dig their graves because they do not have what they cook.

Demonstrators in Maart descend the flag of al-Nusra

Demonstrators in Maart descend the flag of al-Nusra

The ten-year old child Imran Edilbi was killed by an airstrike by the regime on the market of Maarrat al-Nu’man a few days after he won marathon championship in that city. Have you heard of the marathon in Maarrat Mr. de Mistura? It’s the same city who is challeging al-Nusra Front these days. We want life, but we are ready to die to live in dignity without all the terrorists of the world: al-Assad, Russia, Iran, Hezbollah, al-Nusra Front and Daash.

Mr. de Mistura, the High Negotiations Committee does not have the decision to acquiesce to your terms. Its mission is to achieve the goals of the revolution in the best possible way. And if it deviated from this line which was drawn by the Free Syrians, and if it signed any agreement that reproduces the terrorist regime, then this agreement wouldn’t be implemented. It would be only empty words on papers which may be good for your CV, but everybody else would fall down. No one has the right to cede the detainees, the besieged and the victims of the aircraft of the coalition against the Syrian people. You can try to continue the negotiations without the Hight Negotiations Committee, and let’s see what you all can do!

Mr. de Mistura, you have to stand out of respect for the Syrian revolution, with all its mistakes; because its spirit is not defeated after five years of killing under torture, by starvation and under the bombardment, and because it refuses to surrender to you all. Who are making diplomatic shows are you, US and the Europeans. We don’t make shows; we resist until the end. The regime and its allies, Russians and Iranians do not also making shows; they still insist to kill us until they get exhausted.

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